Tern's mission is quite simple: have as much fun in as many places for as long as possible while maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Bali is the first location in what we hope to be an ever increasing lineup of exciting trips around the world.

Let us know where you would like to see Tern fly to next!

Name and logo

Tern Travel took its name from the Arctic Tern, the world’s furthest migrating bird. The Arctic Tern travels each year, from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back, averaging 56,000 miles (90,000km) per year – equal to about two trips around the globe. It seeks the warmer temperatures yet will brave the Arctic and Antarctic as well.

At Tern Travel, the bird’s habits resonated and became a goal: to travel great distances in search of the best. And that’s what we do – we find the best places and create great experiences to share with you. 


About the founder

Nebiel Shaw is a natural host who enjoys meeting new people and mixing friends with strangers. He is always traveling to or researching new destinations and experiences. Tern Travel is the offspring of his desire to share these incredible experiences he's discovered while living in or visiting numerous cities and countries all over the globe.

You'll likely talk to Nebiel before your trip and will meet him in Bali if he leads your group. Feel free to drop him a line at nebiel@terntravel.co.


Meet our trainers

Christian Miranda
Owner ONE PTS, Cronulla, NSW, Australia

Christian will bring out your best, guaranteed. He's spent the last seven years cultivating a loyal following through his style of coaching which brings out peak performance. His clients include at-home moms, business owners, Olympic athletes, world class models and TV presenters, all of whom keep coming back not just for fitness coaching but because he applies his methods to their whole life resulting in tangible improvements in their overall health and well-being. We're excited to partner with this legend and we know you'll benefit from spending your first week with him.

Because he's so devoted to helping people reach their goals, Christian wants to provide a one-on-one private consultation for each guest during their trip to discuss their health and fitness goals.

Thanks, Christian!

Follow Christian on Instagram @christianmiranda

Join our team as a trainer

If you are interested in joining our team as a certified personal trainer, please email hello@terntravel.co